Quasar Week - Tales from the Yacht: Experiences of a Lifetime

Many of us at JG Black Book have had the great fortune of embarking on worldy travels and having life-changing experiences—especially ones we want to share with all of our friends and family. There's nothing better than remembering a great trip and we're so happy our friends at Quasar Expeditions are sharing some of their guest's experiences with us. Who wants to take a trip to the Galapagos now?

All who travel aboard our yachts will be part of a unique mission: to bring to life the natural living legacy of the islands through a journey unlike any other in Galapagos. Here are some posts from our guests sharing their experiences aboard M/Y Grace and M/V Evolution:

Quasar Guests

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Quasar Week - Travel Necessities:The 5 Must Do's While Visiting the Galapagos

It's the start of Quasar Week and JG Black Book is looking forward to taking you to the land of beautiful vistas, exotic animals, and exciting adventures—the Galapagos. Our friends at Quasar Expeditions help adventurers, young and old,  discover the Galápagos much the way Darwin did aboard luxury yachts. Just imagine a day full of tracking giant tortoises and trading stares with unconcerned marine iguanas. If you've ever wanted to venture to unknown lands and have tons of fun with family and friends then look no further as we share the Top 5 Must Do's when in the Galapagos:

Galapagos Bird

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Photo Friday: Life is a Beach at Hotel Taiwana

It's getting a little chilly here in New York City and we at JG Black Book are gearing up for a chilly Fall all the while dreaming of our next vacation. Well luckily we don't have to look to far since our friends at Hotel Taiwana will be just about finished with their beautiful new renovations next month. Nothing sounds better than a beautiful suite on the water and sand between your toes. 

Can't get away? Well maybe today's installment of Photo Friday will help. 


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Ellerman House: ArtAngels 2013

Traveling is more than seeing new sights. For many, it’s also about immersing yourself in the culture and contributing to the livelihoods of the local people. Despite the tremendous beauty and cultural richness of certain destinations, many areas around the globe still suffer from various social issues. Many of our partners at JG Black Book are known for giving back to the community. Ellerman House, for example, just recently hosted its ArtAngels event in Cape Town, South Africa in support of improving education.

ArtAngels at Ellerman House

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Fall into Autumn with Topping Rose House

The crew at JG Black Book is ready for some change. The type of change where the leaves on trees change color, every drink has a dash of pumpkin flavoring, and our favorite fall fruits and veggies are ready for picking. We're talking autumn. As the days becoming shorter and we've returned from summer vacations, it's time to celebrate some cooler weather with our friends in the Hamptons.

Celebrate the best of the Fall with Topping Rose House with these awesome activities!

Topping Rose House
Topping Rose House Grounds

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Travel Necessities: Spiderpodium


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A Journey to the Quin

As the last chandelier goes up to dazzle a beautiful room, the vase of ravishing flowers appoints each room, and the final artful masterpiece begins to hang on the grand walls, JG Black Book takes a moment (with the help of Holly Breuche, General Manager) to reflect on the journey of creating the Quin, the newest luxury lifestyle hotel, soon to open near New York's iconic Central Park and Fifth Avenue. 

the Quin

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Newsletter Recap: Art & Design

Every month, the JG Black Book team distributes an email newsletter filled with specials and news from our travel partners across the globe. This month's theme is "Art & Design."  Many of our partners -- from Peru to New Zealand and back -- showcase their beauty through art, design, and all things aesthetically pleasing. Take a look below for more:

Sol & Luna Lodge Spa
Genuine Art with Sol & Luna lodge spa

Sol & Luna is an expression of luxury through exclusivity, authenticity, beauty and genuine art.

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Photo Friday: Exploring the Galapagos Islands with Quasar Expeditions

The Galápagos Islands are a kaleidoscope of nature’s most unspoiled treasures—perfectly preserved since the days of Charles Darwin’s first explorations. The JG Black Book team invites you to enjoy this island paradise. Our partner Quasar Expeditions operates small-ship cruises to the Galápagos Islands, located 600 miles west of the Ecuadorian mainland in the Pacific Ocean, as well as land excursions in Ecuador and Peru. Together with Quasar, we have selected some beautiful photographs of this vibrant destination for today's edition of Photo Friday. Enjoy!

Galapagos Island

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Travel Necessities: Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger

Mushroom GreenZeroSave the planet... one charge at a time! How, you ask? The JG Black Book team is excited to bring you an extra-green edition of "Travel Necessities." After combing through the web for wonderful new travel products, we came across the Mushroom GreenZero Wall Travel Charger, which features revolutionary eco technology.

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