About Us

We believe that in the journey of life, everyone should travel well.

Because travel betters the world, one journey at a time, opening eyes - and minds - to all the possibilities the world holds.

More than that, it’s about the joy of discovery. That’s why we find, experience, taste, try and share it all.

An 800-year-old wine estate hidden in the Tuscan hills.
A wilderness lodge perched on the edge of the Serengeti .
A ship that cruises the Amazon in five-star luxury.

Our search for these inspired experiences, uncommon places and meaningful journeys has transformed our lives and our company. And that’s why we created this blog – to share it all with you, our fellow adventure seekers, luxury hunters and discerning explorers.

The Black Blog of Travel is written by the expert staff of JG Black Book of Travel

Since 2002, JG Black Book of Travel has helped the world’s most inspired independent properties, excursions and travel experiences succeed in a constantly evolving marketplace. Our focus – and passion – is to support the companies and destinations that offer the authentic and meaningful journeys travelers truly hunger for. We are the leaders in promoting and marketing places with real stories to tell.

Our extraordinary clients make up The Black Book Collection by JG, a portfolio of the most elite hotels, resorts, villas, tour operators, cruises and yachts in the world.  Hand-picked and heavily vetted, their singular style, impeccable service, superior amenities and commitment to social responsibility make them stand apart.

You’ll regularly see the members of our Collection in our posts, as well as other amazing places, people, activities, restaurants, bars and stores we come across in our travels. And we hope you enjoy it all…whether it inspires you to get up and go, or just to take a little escape from your day.